A social media website that brings a new twist to life in the web, Potusy is a website that integrates social friendliness alongside coexistence with guaranteed free speech as long as the actions do not directly or even indirectly impacts some other individual, group or organisation.

Potusy provides platform for friendship, business connections, business development and a place to improve or increase your religious beliefs because the  potusy team hold no affiliations be it religious, political or other-wise, we pride ourselves in our neutrality so we do not take sides.


Who can join Potusy

As the rain or sun does not discriminate on who to drop on potusy is open for everyone in every aspect of life but however, we do urge our users to abide with our set terms of use with no exceptions because it is in place to ensure the peaceful co-existence of all users.

Membership in Potusy is and will always remain free for all users